Services of KTISMA 
divided in three categories:


Our design group undertakes responsibly and cheap to prepare any study such as :
- topographical designs, 
- architectural and structural designs, 
- E/M designs, 
- issuing building licenses etc.

We also teke-over the supervision of any type and size of construction.
The staff consists of engineers and other scientific personnel in the following disciplines: architects, static and mechanical engineers, interior desiners, geologists etc.
Also taking the assessment of your property and the promotion in the market by cooperating real estate offices.  


The construction team of aour company, supported by our experienced and qualified technical staff,  takes-over the successful construction of any technical project, small or large, simple or complex.
Those construction works are:
Earthworks, Masonry, Coatings, Concrete, Gypsum, Investin,Stone, Colours, Tile, Carpentry, Insulation, Aluminium, Til, Pergolas, Pools, Hydraulic  installations, Electrical installation, Mechanical installations and a lot of others technical works.


Our company, along with other activities, has developed a network of collaborating aggregate quarries and natural stone and which manages.
On the management of this resulting material used for their own use in construction undertaken by the company, but also materials that are available for commercial use (export, sale, etc.).
More details and information you can find on the following blog of our company: Cretan Natural Stones